Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Class

Carving samples

I just finished teaching a class titled "Not Metal Jewelry" in SUNY New Paltz's summer program. It was only a five week class but the students managed to get a lot of work done regardless. The class covered techniques such as small wood carving, leather working, and scrimshaw. The picture above are the samples the students carved in wood. They were given the choice of carving either a soy bean (just as Sharon Church first taught me to carve), a habanero pepper, or a chinese water chestnut.

Their first project was called Structures. I left it a bit open but wanted them to choose a structure (such a skeletal structure) and either recreate that structure or use a structure as the support to make another piece. All of the pieces were made in wood, leather, or metal using the techniques learned in class. Bellow are a few pics of some of my students work. click here to view the rest.


Preston Preston