Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Here are some better pictures of my beehive pieces although I would like to get the necklace photographed outdoors somewhere to give it some context.

Swarm detail
Swarm, necklace
leather, bronze, stainless steel
Beehive brooches
leather, bronze, stainless steel

Beehive brooches detail

Well that's all for now, although I am working on carving some handles for the cake serving ware for YokoTazaki and Sean McMullen's wedding which should be a blast!! I 'll be sure to post pictures once their done. But right now I'm living in a world of wood dust as I am forced to carve in my apartment having been kicked out of the studio at SUNY New Paltz till classes begin. The start of which both cannot come soon enough and yet is approaching way too fast. Actually come tho think of it I should be working on my 100 drawings assignment..... eeck!