Thursday, May 5, 2011

Award Ribbons

Here are a few other new pieces...
Blue Leather Ribbon brooch
Leather, sterling , stainless

Gator Grain Ribbon brooch
Alligator grain, sterling, stainless

Snake Skin Ribbon brooch
Snake skin, sterling, stainless

Snake Skin Ribbon earrings
snake skin, sterling

New Work 1

As the semester is ending I am finally finding the time to attend my much neglected blog. Rather than dump a bunch of images all onto one post I am going to try and spread them out onto a few.

Below is a process shot as well as the finished enameled brooch
Front View:

Back View:
Snake Head Brooch
Enamel, silver, tourmaline, stainless steel

Defensive Ornament

I am honored to be a part of the Defensive Ornament exhibit at the G. Gibson Gallery. If you are attending the SNAG conferences feel free to stop by the closing reception on May 27th and send me a few pictures of the exhibit as I am unable to attend.