Saturday, July 12, 2008

One week till the show...

A lot has happened since my last post. First of all, I've moved to Beacon, NY. It's a cute artsy town on the Hudson about an hr train ride from NYC. I love the new apartment but I'm still getting used to not being in a city and away from all of my friends. I'm Sure I will meet plenty of new people once school starts. Until then, I will be heading back to Philly on Wednesday to set up the show at Art Star. The opening is next Saturday the 19th from 5-9pm. In addition to the new work from the AYM Collective there will also be live music courtesy of Jack McBrearty and light refreshments. After the opening I will be heading up to Snow Farm, New England School of Craft in Mass. to help teach metals/jewelry to high school students. After the craziness of the show and moving it will be nice to escape to the Berkshires for two weeks. My only regret is that ill be leaving Chris with no one but the cats in our new apartment. Hopefully he will make some friends to go fishing with in the brook across the street.

So as of today all of my work for the show is finished! I still have to photograph the last two but
below is a brooch titled, The Hunt for the White Stag. It is made of leather, stainless steel, sterling silver, 10k gold
So now that all of the work is done I really have to get down to business on completing 100 sketches. Thankfully there are some good coffee shops in town where Chris and can go to get some work done. Oh we discovered that Beacon 's art galleries all have openings on the second Friday of the month. Open Space, the gallery right below us has shows some interesting work. I was really taken with a large piece by Iminent Disaster. If I had the money I would definitely commission her to make a piece for our mantel. Maybe she would be interested in a trade. Any way check it out. I'm off to bed. Good night and sweet dreams.

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