Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Hard at Work vs. Hardly Working

Well I have finally done it, I have begun my blog. It only took me about two months since creating this account. To give my self some credit I have been a bit busy with preparing for my move to NY for grad school next year at SUNY New Paltz. I have also been busy preparing for an upcoming show at Art Star with Monkia Krol and Yoko Tazaki. So far I have 2 piece finished and 2 more underway. I will hopefully have Six new pieces for the opening on July 19th.

Below are the two finished pieces...

The Title of our show is "My Royalty." I chose to approach the topic by identifying aspects which I associate with royalty rather than depict a specific person I consider to be royal. When I think of royalty I first think of the pursuit of the throne so most of my pieces will actually be from the perspective of one who is about to become royal or about to lose their power depending on how you look at it. In the first piece the girl is reaching for the golden apple, about to gain the glory of all its knowledge or if you are a follower of the bible she is about to loose her place in Eden. In carving the bird I wanted to capture the energy of royalty. I chose to have him grasping a golden apple as I am using it in both of these pieces to symbolize my ideal "royalty." Can you tell I like apples? I don't think, however, that there will be any other fruits in the next few pieces to come. I am back on my deer and skull kick. When will I stop being so morbid? oh well as long as the pieces are well made maybe I will find a kindred spirit to buy them.

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