Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Jewelry workshop with Taiwanese students

I had the pleasure to teach a wonderful group of students from Taiwan during a 2 week workshop at University of the Arts. I must admit that before the class began I had my doubts. However, the class was an absolute success mostly due to our fabulous ESL staff, Dr. Lin, my wonderful assistant Melissa Guglielmo , and of course the students themselves! The class was on small metal forging and forming and in order to get credit the students needed to make 3 projects with only about 45 hours to work in the studio! Insane I know but where there is a will there is a way.

Below are just a few pictures of the work the students made
The chased cat eye bracelet above is by Yi Bang, the only grad student in the group. He has a wonderful way of thinking three dimensionally that is so different from my own thought process that I can't help but be amazed
The forged ring above is by Fanny and my photo does not do it justice but it is supposed to be a goat sleeping.
This bird fibula was made by Ariel who I think may have made the most pieces during the class
This bracelet is by Ho-Lin

Rather than show everyone's piece individually above is a photo that perfectly illustrates how their creativity surrounded everything they touched.
And of course we ended with a little party in the crafts conference room. I hope to stay in touch and one day take my new Taiwanese friends up on their offer to come visit!

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pw! said...

what great work from everybody! so happy to hear about your teaching and sharing of talent and passions