Monday, May 25, 2009

busy as a bee

This semester flew by and I am still recovering from it. It has literally left me speechless as I have come down withlaryngitis. But it was well worth it. It 's been a while and since I have posted anything so I better bring y'all up to speed.

I am proud to have been a part of Decorative Resurgence which was up from April 21-May 24. The show was juried by Jill Baker Gower and Jessica Calderwood, Assistant Professor of Art at The University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. It was an international exhibition of contemporary jewelry and metalwork inspired by historic decoration and ornamentation including 90 artworks from 72 artists. There is a beautiful full color catalog, which I am eagerly awaiting in the mail. Below is my piece "The hunt for the White Stag" which was in the show.

I was also invited to take part in the Hudson Fulton: Take Two

The first pin was created for the 1909 Hudson-Fulton celebration. The image below it is my response to the original piece. If you ask me the original is far more cool but I'm banking on the fact that by the time the next centinal celebration of the discovery of the Hudson river comes along my piece will be an antique then too.

This past weekend I attended the 40th SNAG conference which took in Philadelphia, my home away from home. It was really good to be back and see a lot of familiar faces. On Thursday I was really happy to be a part of Jewelry in Motion, a jewelry runway show held at the Philadelphia Museum of art. I owe a big thanks to Gail Brown who invited me to take part in the event and to my model Mallory Weston who did a fabulous job. Below are some pictures from the night.

Tomorrow I begin teaching my class Not Metal Jewelry at SUNY New Paltz which I am very excited about. And thats about all for now. ok time to feed the cats.

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Anonymous said...

You need a close of this piece so everyone can see how awesome it is; also, too bad everyone on the web cant hear your squeaky voice, Its very cute.